The world’s largest virtual business visit

Minunpolkuni polku
Minunpolkuni kompassi
Vipuvoimaa EU:lta 2014 - 2020
Euroopan unioni Euroopan sosiaalirahasto
Minunpolkuni polku
Minunpolkuni kompassi
Vipuvoimaa EU:lta 2014 - 2020
Euroopan unioni Euroopan sosiaalirahasto

The world’s largest virtual business visit

Every year, children are given the chance to explore the world of work as part of the world’s largest virtual company visit. The visit takes place each spring and the destination company varies from year to year. The aim is to introduce the children to different industries and the career opportunities they offer. Children will see what companies and professions are out there, what a day in a particular industry looks like and what skills are needed. Through career stories, they will learn about the skills and attitudes needed to work in the sector, and the choices of subjects and studies that can lead to employment in the sector.

A 45-minute visit will be organised for early childhood education and a recording will be made available. The visit can be prepared for and complemented by pre-assignments.

Competency targets

·       The child will be introduced to the
concept of employment and will be guided to learn about different occupations.

·       The child will recognise his/her own
strengths and have confidence in his/her abilities in everyday situations.

  •  The child practises cooperation and
    interaction skills, self-help, and shared responsibility.

What entrepreneurial skills does the tool strengthen?

Opportunity perception, vision, self-awareness and confidence in one’s own abilities, and learning from experience.


The visit will take 45 minutes out of the day. Another 45 minutes could be spent on preparatory work. A larger project could also be built from the whole.

Implementation tips

·       The outputs of the preliminary tasks
can be used to organise a group or kindergarten fair, for example.

·       Children can be given a ‘homework’
assignment that involves discussing with their Parents or guardians experiences
and ideas related to the sector the particular company works in.

·       A lighthearted competition can be
organised where children have to name as many occupations as possible related
to the sector they are focusing on.


Visit information and materials are available on the BusinessOulu website.