Three minutes of innovation

This three-minute innovation exercise aims to show learners that innovation and ideation can be practised and learned. It is an ideal way to start a lesson or project that requires creativity. In the exercise, learners work in small groups and have one minute to develop business ideas for a specific target group. After that, the […]

Did it shatter like a gingerbread? Workplace visit and cookie drop test project

The project will give learners an insight into the world of testing, through both a site visit and a practical experiment. At the beginning of the project, learners will visit a local technology testing company, then work in groups to design a free-drop testing method and carry out the testing. The test answers the question: […]

From milk carton to many – a task

Children will get to use their creativity, practise working with others and use their craft skills in a milk carton multiplication activity. The children will be divided into smaller groups and tasked with designing a new product from an empty milk carton. In addition to the design work, the children can think about issues such […]