What is the circular economy and what business ideas are involved?

With this assignment, students will first learn about the concept and examples of circular economy business through an article on Yle and current examples of circular economy businesses on Sitra’s website. The material will stimulate the student’s thinking about what a circular economy business could look like. This is followed by a personal reflection on […]

Business brainstorming workshop — Digitalisation, sustainability and internationalisation

This tool will help to awaken students to the opportunities created by digitalisation, sustainability and internationalisation for developing and implementing a new business in their field of study. The workshop can be carried out with students from any sector, and it is recommended to pursue the topic through business idea evaluation methods. The workshop can […]

Conference arrangements – Entrepreneurship Education Days course

This is an example of a short student project in which students learn how to organise an event through undertaking practical work. The project requires students to take responsibility and work in an entrepreneurial way under the guidance of a teacher. These guidelines can be applied to organising different types of events. Duration/length 2–4 weeks, […]

The world’s largest virtual business visit

Every year, children are given the chance to explore the world of work as part of the world’s largest virtual company visit. The visit takes place each spring and the destination company varies from year to year. The aim is to introduce the children to different industries and the career opportunities they offer. Children will […]